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Here’s what some of our Livermore, CA customers are saying about us:

I honestly cannot say enough great things about their customer service as well as their work integrity! Even when unfortunately they had bad news about my car, they were always able to let me know exactly what needed to be done and how soon plus what options I had.

Estee O'Hearn Eurotech German Auto Werks Customer Review

Curtis and Carlos are great! They're reliable, honest go to any length to make sure their customers are satisfied. Wouldn't want to take our car anywhere else!

Dean & Cherryl Thomas Eurotech German Auto Werks Customer Review

5 Stars!

Mike P Google Review

Good service for European cars

Dan Mckenzie Google Review

Friendly folks that take very good care of our beetle. Thanks!

Joe Carlson Google Review

5 Stars!

Francisco Dias Lourenco Google Review

5 Stars!

Scott R. Google Review

I took my 2013 BMW 550i with X-Drive to Eurotech for my first oil change after buying the car from CarMax last year. I told them I may need a 60k service, but bought the car recently. They agreed to change the oil and check everything else. Told me they have seen a few cars from CarMax and they are generally solid. Changed my oil and confirmed everything else looks great. Price seemed fair given the Euro car markup. I will return.

Aaron W. Yelp Review

Carlos and Kurt were very helpful checking over a bogus repair quote from Fremont BMW. After testing the car on the road and in the shop, they recommended repairing only the items that were really in need of repair, instead of just replacing everything. This saved me a bunch of money and my car runs great. I feel this is an honest shop.

John D. Yelp Review

Curt, Carlos, and Mike have been servicing my 2003 BMW 530i for about 10 years. They are the best example of what a local business should be. They are good at what they do, they are friendly and fair, and they treat me like an individual. There are only 2 or 3 businesses in Livermore where you can develop a relationship with the owners rather than just being another 'transaction.' Eurotech is one of the best businesses in our community.

Jim L. Yelp Review

I just bought a used BMW, and took it in to these guys for some basic service. They are very friendly, honest, and cheaper than the BMW dealer for the work I've had done thus far. I'll be making them my go-to dealer now that I'm a bimmer owner!

Rob N. Yelp Review

Friendly staff, extremely honest and helpful. Carlos and Kurt went above and beyond, I will always take my BMW X5 here in the future! Exceptional service! I live in Danville, and would recommend this location, worth the trip!

Delilah B. Yelp Review

Second time was even better. I will always take my German cars here. They did 60 and 80K services, better than the dealer.

Zaryab M. Yelp Review

Today I had an appointment so they recommended me to be there before 9 the tow truck was late which I was really frustrated because I thought that they would be able to look at my fathers car. Once we got there Carlos assisted us ASAP me and my dad he was really nice. He told me that they were short by one mechanic but they would be able to help us. By like around 2pm Carlos called me saying that the car need some mass meter boots some drive belts and some gaskets because they found some areas where oil was leaking and they changed the oil too. All this for less than 1k!!! Yes less than 1 grand including labor!!! You go to any other place and be ready to get charged at least 3000 grand or more. Carlos and Kurt at Euro Tech THANK YOU

El Flaquito M. Yelp Review

Good service. Went in for a oil change and they did a full review of my BMW and found some issues that I could fix in the future. Worked with Curt and he was great. Overall super experience.

Mark I. Yelp Review

The best mechanics I could have asked for! If you drive a German car, love it and hate the feeling that you're about to get robbed every time the service notifications comes on, just call the guys from Eurotech!

M W. Yelp Review

Eurotech is an excellent auto repair place. Recently, we had an electric problem with our VW Passat, and we must say that the Eurotech team did an amazing job in finding the cause of the problem. It was not an easy task, but Eurotech did not give up, and working with diligence and persistence they solved the electric issue. Great job!

Ana R. Yelp Review

Love these guys! Great service. Clean and friendly. Been there twice with my 2012 X5 and both times the experience was great. They even wash it! Bonus.

Angela H. Yelp Review

I have taken my car here previous to this experience. On Monday night my car decided to leave me hanging off the 84 exit. I slightly panicked, thinking "OMG what do I do?", then I remembered about Eurotech. I had my car towed there that night and called the office and left a message. I felt terrible leaving my car there next to their trash cans but I didn't know what else to do or who else (that I felt comfortable with) taking care of my car.
I was dropped off promptly at 8 am when they opened the following morning. They were ready. I explained what happened- he (the owner or manager I believe) gave me an idea of what could be wrong- it sounded about right. He told me they were very busy and they might not have time to fix the issue that day but that they would definitely be able to do some diagnostics.
I was fine with that. I know how it is. I work at a dental office so I know when a patient has an emergency we always do our best to accommodate them but there may be an extended wait. Its not fair to the other patients that have their appts previously schedule to wait. So I was more than happy to be squeezed in.
They called me later that day with the news. It wasnt the best news but it was necessary to have completed. The only issue was the part would not be there that day and they would need the car one day longer. I had some other issues that needed attention so they tackled those while we waited for the part to arrive.
I didn't have a ride the following day (this morning) to be able to pick up my car. Carlos was so sweet and he picked me up and took me to the shop. I paid for the great services and was very happy. Carlos keep me in the loop through out the entire process and is always extremely nice. I couldn't imagine anyone having a bad experience with these guys.
I would recommend them to anyone with a specialty car any day of the week. They are very reasonable when it comes to price. I know this because my dad was a mechanic for 20+ years and told me that these are very reasonable prices.

Aquilla G. Yelp Review

As good as it gets!

I have been taking my Audi TT Roadster to Eurotech for a couple years after many years getting ripped off and shabby work at other European auto places (Modesto!). Great hospitality, quick and quality work. I'm impressed with their ability to do a great job and not over-charge you! Thanks!

Joseph M. Yelp Review

I have had nothing but fantastic service at Eurotech! Thank you to all the Eurotech guys for your awesome customer service! I won't go anywhere else!

Lori P. Yelp Review

Did a good job and fixed my car after going to two different mechanics!

Juan Carlos M. Yelp Review

I've taken my Mercedes and my BMW here over the years and they keep them both running great .

David L. Yelp Review

Have taken 07 530i (110k miles) to Eurotech 3 times for service/repairs since moving to Livermore 2 years ago. There have been no issues with any of the work performed, and I sincerely appreciate their willingness to discuss what they plan to do, and why. (Unlike some of the money machine BMW dealers we've been to). Great value compared to BMW dealer repair costs, and friendly, too.

K R. Yelp Review

Great Company! I didn't use them for any repair services. However, I recently had a spark plug issue for my 2010 535i. I called BMW Concord, and wasn't shocked at the 385$ price tag they had. I called EuroTech and got them at a reasonable price. I had an issue with me needing to leave Livermore before 1:00 PM So, I personally, purchased the more expensive BMW plugs, vs the BOSCH ones. However, it wasn't a fault on EuroTech. They were able to have them ordered and in the same day, with my timeline. Will for sure recommend them to all my friends, family and will continue to use them in the future. Hopefully, I won't need to.

Ghosty G. Yelp Review

Very honest and on time as promised. Strongly recommended for all your import needs! Eurotech has worked on my classic Porsche and Cayenne. Results have always been very good and close to the original estimate.

Charles B. Yelp Review

I have a 2007 BMW 328i. After getting totally scammed and ripped off at BMW east bay, I drove my car straight to Eurotech. To fix the actual problem of why I had taken my car to BMW in the first place. I had called the day prior, and the gentlemen I talked to on the phone was very accommodating and quoted me a great price (significantly more reasonable than the dealership).

When I arrived to Eurotech a few days after I had spoke with them, I was greeted by Carols. He was very friendly and very helpful/understanding of my situation. They were pretty busy, and I did not have an appointment. He said that they would work on my car as soon as they could (Friday-Monday). Carlos called me Monday to let me know that they had checked out the car, and that they would begin working on it that day. He also sent me pictures of my CLEAN oil pan with no leaks... Which BMW east bay lied about having a leak. He said my car should be done by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. They finished it Tuesday afternoon! They even came and picked me up so I didn't have to wait another day to come and get it!

I was very pleased with this shops honestly, courtesy, communication, and customer service. Will definitely be taking my car back when needed! (Hopefully not for a while!) Thanks Carlos, and Eurotech guys!

Lindsay A. Yelp Review

I've been bringing my Mercedes to Eurotech for several years now. They deliver exceptional customer service. They are honest and have very fair pricing as well, They've fit me into the schedule several times when I needed my car looked at right away. I would highly recommend this auto repair shop!

RJ O. Yelp Review

This is the first time, I've owned a BMW. They have been really friendly and nice to explain the issues that they have found after doing their analysis. I'm definitely willing to have them service my BMW in the future!

Jackson's Dad L. Yelp Review

Always take my Audi here for service. Everyone is very professional.

David B. Yelp Review

If you have a European car in need of maintenance or repairs this is definitely the place to go. I have been coming here for a while and always leave happy. The customer service is amazing, the staff is knowledge, and they are all very honest. I strongly recommend Eurotech and I would not take my vw anywhere else.

Tina S. Yelp Review

The guys at Eurotech are great! After I bought my SLK they did an evaluation on it and discovered a problem with one of the tires which I was able to get the dealer to replace. I had some work done on it and they charged me the quoted price, took care of the work while I was out of town and when I was running late to pick it up, they stayed late to accommodate me. I totally trust them with my Mercedes!

Laurie M. Yelp Review

Great service - only needed my wife's car serviced and as it was really dirty after she had come back from a road trip they washed it before picked it up. Totally good customer focus and service!

Bilo S. Yelp Review

I was referred to Eurotech by the guys at Dick & Ryan's and am really glad I took their advice. The guys at Eurotech are very professional, prompt, and their services are fairly priced.

Emme G. Yelp Review

Eurotech is the only place I'll trust with my BMW. Great prices, great customer service. This is my second time here and I will continue to use them in the future.

Alyssa B. Yelp Review

I just wanted to say THANKS to Eurotech specifically CARLOS! He was very accomodating with my "special needs" and really went out of his way to make me feel like a real customer. They done work on my z3 and will go there again. I live in Disco Bay but would go here for any work done on my European cars. I would refer those to go to this shop and talk to Carlos. He emailed me the quote in a timely manner, worked with me on the financial portion and even topped off some oil for my other car when i told him i couldnt open the oil lid. Great job guys and keep up the great work!

Bobby G. Yelp Review

I got a verbal referral from a friendly Livermore shopkeeper who found out that I just moved to the area and noticed I was driver an older BMW. I had them service my car at least three times over the past 2.5 years and Eurotech has always been very good at diagnosing and explaining issues in a reasonable time and cost.

No fancy waiting room or coffee just friendly mechanics that get the job done.

J P. Yelp Review

This is my 2nd review of EuroTech as i had a issue with my 95 E320 MBZ i recently purchased that was was in very condition but had not been driven much in the past 18 months. In any event after a weekend trip along the Big Sur coast i noticed the AC was not working that well. Based on my previous experience it was a no brainier to contact the team @ EuroTech in Livermore.

Easy diagnosis of a relay causing the Aux fans not to operate along with R&R of the AC compressor to make the AC work at his optimal potential. Curt also informed that I had a problem with major transmission fluid spraying under the car and if not taken care would have been a potential fire hazard. I concurred with his assessment as I had noticed red fluid in my garage upon closer inspection while the car was at his shop coupled with some strange smoke emitting while driving at times.

All is well and once again and Eutotech is the place if you are seeking a qualified Independent German auto service with fair prices.

Thanks guys


Jim F. Yelp Review

Eurotech just save me hundreds of dollars! Not only are they cheaper than the BMW dealership, but more friendly and reliable. BMW said I had a crack in something to due with my suspension that needed to be fixed and when I took the car to Eurotech for a second opinion and to compare the price to fix it, they did not find the "cracks" that BMW claims it has.

We have also used them in the past and never been disappointed.

J E. Yelp Review

I live too far away from Livermore to take my Volkswagons to Eurotech but that doesn't mean they don't still help me every time. I have a new Pasat that is in excellent condition and rarely needs anything but I have a nasty addiction to Vanagons.

Like most European autos, the vanagon can be a crap shoot when it comes to trouble-shooting issues. I'll take it into my local mechanic and there approach is to usually just want to replace entire systems because (in my opinion) they don't have the knowledge to truly diagnose the smaller issues. So I call the guys at Eurotech, tell them the symptoms and they typically recommend little things I can have fixed that won't cost much and will help diagnose any bigger issues.

These guys really know European autos and they genuinely strive to fix only what needs to be fixed.

A good mechanic does not need to replace entire systems unless something catastrophic has happened. Eurotech has always aimed to advise me how to spend the least amount of money to keep my vanagon running tip top.

Gabe B. Yelp Review

I needed help right away and was able to bring my vehicle in that day. Carlos, who answered the phone was very friendly and professional.

My car ended up needing oil only but they did a full check and made suggestions.
Being a woman, I was very pleased with the service and didn't feel taken advantage of.
I will be taking my car back for regular service.
Thanks guys!!

Ann R. Yelp Review

I've been shopping around for a knowledgeable, competent, and fairly priced shop to take good care of my aging Audi. Today I tried Eurotech on the advice of a colleague, and was pleased and encouraged. Despite it being a busy week, they squeezed me in and diagnosed a couple of problems and replaced my brakes. Even though I was a first-time customer, they stayed late to finish the job and then stayed even LATER to explain some technical details to me. How encouraging! Thanks, Mike and Curt - I will bring my car back to you.

J S. Yelp Review

I was driving from SF to Fresno for a day of sales calls, when a warning came on saying my oil was running low and I was at risk for engine damage. I've seen that light come on but I had JUST had an oil change. I decided not to risk it with my 2006 BMW - I know enough to know that engines are expensive. I looked up Eurotech while in Livermore and reached Kurt. I drove in 10 minutes later, waited 10 minutes while his technician added some oil to my engine, and then I was off. Did I mention that he tried to send me several times on my way without paying the $8 due? He succeeded, and I am writing this review as a huge THANK YOU from a girl who is not car savvy and relies on people like Kurt for honest service.

Ferol G. Yelp Review

auto repair and service is like everything else... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! i drive my car everyday, and rely on it for mine and mine families safety. i know that eurotech used the correct stock parts for my VW and not after market cheaper crap made by inferior companies. so you pay a little bit more, but you are getting better quality. i would never give them a lower star rating because it was cheaper else where and i would also never believe in a million years Kurt or Mike lied and made up repairs to make more money like one yelper is claiming.

Miranda S. Yelp Review

I've been taking my high-mileage '98 BMW 328i to Eurotech for six years now. I always trust the work that Mike, Curt and the rest of the staff perform. The prices are reasonable and Mike is always honest with me in saying what my car really needs versus nice-to-haves. Eurotech's customers come back because they WANT to.

Phillip W. Yelp Review

I had my VW Vanagon towed here when I broke down at Lake Del Valle. They were extremely friendly, honest, and knowledgeable. We were camping and so don't live close by - if we did, this would be the place I would take my cars!

C M. Yelp Review

Eurotech is THE BEST! Bold statement I know. SO true though.

The people who work here have INTEGRITY

1.adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

I know everyone knows what it means but I really want you to absorb it :)

Go to them for all your European car care needs. You won't regret it.

Amy M. Yelp Review

I have been using Eurotech for a few years now with really good results. Mike and Kurt have always been great to deal with and seem to be very fair with pricing and service.

I have even had occasion where they told me that the services I was requesting were not recommended at the time. This is unheard of in my experience, I mean really, how many mechanics have you dealth with that did not what to do more than you were requesting?

I have recently had a electrical issue that is intermittant and Eurotech had the car for a day trying to diagnose the issue. Unfortunately they could not find the issue however they refused to charge me for the time spent. What more can I say?

Kent W. Yelp Review

I have nothing but Great things to say about Mike and his staff. Great customer service. Mike and Kurt are the most honest mechanics I have dealt with. They have taken great care

Marisssa M. Yelp Review

Eurotech is awesome.. I had brought my car to 2 shops and 4 different fixes and still a check engine light and running aweful. It took a couple tries for him to fix it but Mike walked me through everything and wanted to make sure I knew what was wrong... Needless to say He fixed a difficult Problem it seems 2 other mechanics couldnt! He didnt over charge me.. infact he fixed another mechanics mess up for free!! I wil bring my car to him and refer anyone I know with a European car or VW! Mike is honest and he did things right the first they always made my car a priority which is all we can ask right!!!

Andrea M. Yelp Review

Good, knowledgeable people who are committed to making your complicated vehicle right. Take your car here.

Patrick R. Yelp Review

Eurotech has worked on various problems that have popped up on my high-miles '94 BMW for years. I have found them to be extremely honest, professional, and committed to getting me back on the road with quality repairs and service.

My only complaint, and it's so minor I am almost loath to bring it up, the area where they park cars outside is under tree limbs so my car gets tree droppings and pitch spots on it. I didn't mention I am a bit particular about treating my baby to the best did I!?

Michael T. Yelp Review

The best darn mechanic around. For VW's, BMW's, etc. Honest hard working guys who are so honest, it scares me. Have always given me great deals, done great work and are a pleasure to deal with. Women in the area, this is a great place to go. And my husband likes them too.

E F. Yelp Review

Accurate work and they did what they said they would do for a good price. So I'm a fan based on that. John the older guy who used to own the shop is a real charachter!

Chis G. Yelp Review

Competent, fair, friendly & local.

Happy to have a local shop to bring my '06 Beetle to as an alternative to the Dublin dealership.

The whole staff was polite and friendly. Curt (Kurt?) was especially funny when calling to let us know that both eyes were working and the Lasik surgery went well (headlights now fully operational!). We brought it in on Monday and didn't expect it until Tuesday however Monday evening before they closed they gave us an update. They even washed the car before we picked it up.

Thankfully our headlamps issue was not electrical, but another unique German engineering design hiccup like our never-opens on the first lock release boot and roll up the window only to have it roll down automatically issue. The work was great and the rates were very fair.

Once we get past the wallet-drain of the holidays, I look forward to bringing our car back to see if they can crack the code of aforementioned car quirks which the dealership in Dublin has not been able to resolve in 4 visits and several hundred dollars.

We'll be taking our Beetle back here for sure.

Andrea R. Yelp Review

Mike is a honest mechanic.

Peter T. Yelp Review

Mike and Staff are really great at diagnosing problems. They do more than just plug your car into a computer and replace every part they can. They have saved me thousands of dollars over the Audi dealer for major repairs on my A6. They evaluate each part and only replace what is needed. I take my VW and Audi to them for all major services and repairs.

Tom R. Yelp Review

I really recommend this place. They seem as good and honest people who's intent is to not rip you off.

I have come in on multiple occasions with my own parts and they have willingly installed them for me. They are also willing to take the time and drive me back to my place (their version of a shuttle service) and pick me up.

Their rates are competitive and I recommend them strongly!

Chris P. Yelp Review

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